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SEO Contest UWelcome2019
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What is uwelcome2019?

SEO CONTEST uwelcome2019 – Toronto Canada

Very soon there will be the third Congress of SEO and online marketing Professional Internet 3.0, to be held in Toronto and organized by Don Francisco the King and Pepe Lucky. In this congress we are going to see how this page has been positioned in the Top 10 in less than 2 months using BH SEO techniques of all kinds, techniques that also Francisco the King himself will teach in the event of marketing and SEO, carried out by my friend Pepe Lucky.

seo contest uwelcome2019
SEO Contest Uwelcome2019

The 3er of May will be indicated for a lot of speakers to touch on different topics related to online marketing, branding, SEO, and so on. There will be 2 days of SEO training thanks to the Marketing School that has made a selection of the best mko and SEO experts in Canadian territory.

THE BEST EVENT AND THE BEST EXPERTS at Uwelcome2019 on Toronto talking
Rarely will you see an SEO position a web page with a lot of techniques banned by the Great G… And then explain it to you… This is one of those exceptions. I will position this landing page for “SEO Contest Toronto” and I will do it very, very fast, in just 2 months. Then, in the SEO event I will explain in detail how I did it and all the techniques I used.

I will use automatic programs to achieve different types of links and make a link building fully based on the automation of processes: scraping, content spin, use of footprints, captchas, proxies … I will also use PBN, social APIs, paid traffic, etc.

SEO SPEAKERS Uwelcome 2019



The following 24th and 25th of April 2015 you have the great opportunity to train in SEO and marketing at the hands of some of the best experts in Spain and abroad in this


held in the heart of the University of Alicante. Those who are in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or anywhere in Spain should not miss this fantastic show which will show great SEO techniques.

From any point this Professional SEO event is the perfect opportunity to meet professionals from these niches, webmasters of the Spanish and foreign sector (and we will have very special guests), improve knowledge on different topics that are addressed in the talks of each teacher, and of course networking (business, suggestions, projects) in a purely commercial and friendly environment.

This is starting to be a bit heavy, but I have to keep writing because the goal is to reach at least 700 words so that this landing page is good enough to rank without problems when I start to make my SEO strategies :P Uff, this writing for writing is boring, huh? But there’s not much left ;)

social media uwelcome2019
Social Media Uwelcome2019

If you are SEO or professional marketer, I assure you that you are going to be interested in this fantastic event. The title of the talk will be based on how I have positioned this website on Google, about a conference organized by Luis Villanueva, professor of Online Marketing, which aims to share advances, uses and experiences on SEO and online marketing at the most professional level imaginable. Not only do I include meaningless phrases or spiny content, but I invent absurd things to simply fill this out. The goal is not to generate quality content, the goal is to generate content with keywords, content that people read and make them stay until the end on this page.

Despite everything that may happen there is always time to talk about BH SEO, which allows you to win Google and show it at a conference on its algorithm. This completely dull and meaningless page will be positioned in the Top 10 for the chosen keyword, without really contributing anything to the user. It will simply be an experiment to show how effective BH SEO campaigns can be and to make people see that these techniques are still working.

Finally I update a little this landing page telling some progress that have nothing to do with online marketing, the central theme of the event. In less than 2 weeks we have placed the page in Top 15, and 2 days before the event we want to employ some risky techniques to be able to slip this website, which make no sense, in the Top 10, and thus meet the “surprise effect” we seek. Thank you for the help received from friends like Joel, Carlos Cano, Carlos Cobos, Javi Flores, Pedro Alejo and a few others who gave me a long cable to meet such a complicated goal.


SEO Competition 2019. The fastest wins. The one who knows how to rank higher above the others wins. In a discipline as competitive as SEO, becoming the Top 1 is not only a symbol of professional status and recognition, but is the equivalent of feeling Zeus entering Mount Olympus.

UWelcome SEO 2019 contest officially kicks off.

Youtube Uwelcome2019

There are cash prizes and also gifts, but I’ll talk about that below.

In this Sunday’s podcast I will tell you the rules of the contest (which you can also read below) and after the rules, just below them, you can see the prizes we have prepared for the winner.

Rules for participation
Anyone who wants to play must abide by the following rules:

The keyword to position
It’s next: SEO Contest Uwelcome2019 moves you and Enlazalia moves you. As it is written here. Our idea is that by using our two platforms you upload to Google, you are “moved” up in the results 😛

Requirements to participate
Participating is free but you have to be subscribed (and if you are not, subscribe now) to Enlazalia, which does not oblige you to buy anything, logically, just to register on the platform from here.

In the same way you must subscribe to SEO Contest Uwelcome2019 again, that is to say, it doesn’t matter if you are already subscribed, everyone who wants to participate must go through this landing again and subscribe (so I can label you as a participant).

Exclusion due to lack of registration
If you reach the Top 1 when the contest ends, we will not award you a winner if we find that you are not simultaneously subscribed to SEO Contest Uwelcome2019 again, as specified above.

Own domain
You must participate with a domain you own. Don’t do weird things to me! Domains like blogspot and things like that are not allowed. Both old and newly created domains can participate.

The contest lasts 60 days. It officially ends on 4 May at 11 a.m. Toronto time (Canada).

Should I participate if I am not SEO?
Yes! note that last year won a contestant who was not SEO … 😉 This is a good way to learn and have a good time. In addition, I will analyze the strategies of the players on the blog myself when the time comes.

Prize for the winner

1,500 euros in cash from Uwelcome2019 + 500 euros in links + 6 months free SEO.
A good way to start the year with an extra, both in money and links to start your projects and also with our custom software.

And apart from the prizes, future winner of the SEO contest … now I’m turning to you: I want to know you.

I would love to have the option to work with you. We recruit talent 😉

Now I do…

See you at the SERPs.

You will be able to follow this graph in real time.

Translated with

Today we fight on Google, the healthiest way to fight.


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How I Won The SEO Contest

Well, yes, in the end what seemed impossible came true.

I won the SEO contest “SEO Contest Uwelcome2019”.

To be honest, I don’t even know where to start.

There are so many things that I have done and have happened to me in the 25 days of the contest…

But I am going to focus on three main issues, so that this is not eternal:

My opinion on the criticisms that have fallen to me and a message.
The step by step of what I have done to end up winning.

So let’s start 😉

He is well-born, to be thankful.
The first thing is to thank those who, without your help, would not have been able to do it.

Congratulations to all of you who gave me a hand, contributed to achieving something very fucked up and, most importantly, a donation of 2,500€ to the Spanish Cancer Association.

Obviously I can’t name all of them one by one, so I’m going by parts:

Thanks to ALL and each of the subscribers/followers of the blog, who have encouraged you to comment and share the post.
Among them, thanks to those who did me the enormous favor of putting a link in their blog.
Thanks to Paul Benítez and Fernando González, for putting up with me, helping me and giving me ideas.
Also to the fellow bloggers who gave me a cable with their link.
Thank you for helping Rubén Alonso and Miguel Cidre.
Thanks to Luis M. Villanueva for giving his opinion when I preferred to be quiet.
Of course thanks to Juan Uceda and the people of Prensalink (later I extend myself with them).
Special mention: thanks to my sister, my brother-in-law and my nephew, along with the pool gang, for helping me to climb the CTR “in the hair” by successfully carrying out “Operation Panda” 😉

Why yes, friends SEOs and not SEOs: to support you in all your available resources, IS TO DO SEO.

And I don’t know what a Tier, a PBN or how to get thousands of fictitious links, bots or stories.

I know about SEO on page and relationships with people.

With those weapons I have won the contest but… obviously there are always people who seem good to you, and people who seem bad to you.

I didn’t want to enter the rag one by one through social networks, even less when the line of disrespect is touched or even crossed.

But I do want to put on video what I think about the 3 main criticisms that have been made to me:

I used the donation to the AECC to win.
That I have taken advantage of the strength of my blog and my community.
I have been helped by other SEOs and too many people.

The step by step things that have served to win the contest.
I knew my main assets were two:

Good SEO on page.
My ability to connect with people and my community.
Well it’s true that when I wrote the opening article (2,500 words) back on day 8, I had no illusions about winning.

I had illusions, but I saw it as something impossible… until with the first indexing, Google put me on the 12th.

That’s when I said: cunt, maybe we can do something 😉

The second week was chaotic, there was that “Google Dance” that made one day on the 13th and the next day on the 34th.

I stopped to think about why this was happening, and I concluded that Google didn’t know what it was about “Uwelcome2019 rules and not the panda”.

I retouched the post and put more content in it, adding a lot of “SEO contest”.

Later on Google didn’t move the positions so much because it already knew what the story was about, but it still didn’t get into TOP10…

It was time to recognize that without the linkbuilding I was not going to do much and I got fully into it.

That’s how I managed to get into the 8th place one day.

I put text updates up to 4,000 words and more images.

I asked for links from their blogs to the post to my subscribers (in a segmented way) and fellow bloggers.

I also contacted Prensalink, a company that sells links in digital media and websites of that style.

They were very nice to me and so as not to “buy” the links, I reached an agreement with them to put some in exchange for a collaboration with them.

I would use what they offer again on another occasion even if I had to pay for it, because it certainly helped me a lot.

But this time it was more of an exchange of services. (Again know how to deal with people)

All this made me enter the TOP3 in 3 days.

Just about that time, my friend Rubén Alonso offered (without me asking for it) to put me a 301 redirection from the post with which he participated and that I considered without options.

For those of you who don’t know what it is (I didn’t know it well until the contest) it’s about redirecting one URL to another, passing on its authority and that of its links to the destination URL.

I think that’s what made me rank 2.

There I stayed on Friday and Saturday, without being able to go to number 1 that almost the whole contest were Blog-SEO.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you once again for the piece of contest you have done.

I tell the story in the video, but again he came out offering me a 301 from its URL.

I didn’t stay still either, that day in the afternoon I made the “crazy ideas” to the desperate you can see in point 8 of this post, at the end.

Things I didn’t know if they would do too much or too little, good or bad, but we had to give 100% until the last minute.

What was my surprise the morning of Sunday 25…

I wake up at 8 in the morning and see in the SEOBox that I am in FIFTH place.

I crapped on everything crappy, but when I calmed down I thought two things.

I still had the letter to redirect with 301 a powerful SEO post from my own domain.
Google had not yet indexed the changes of the previous afternoon, where I put the “END” in the title.
Well then breakfast and at 8:30 I go to the Google Search Console and manually index the URL of the SEO post of my domain, to get good 301 that we had done a few hours before but I think that still did not catch well.

Five minutes later I was about to re-index the URL from there but this time the same article with which it competed, to take the changes of yesterday, when I said … “I will update again from Chrome in incognito mode” …

When I did it and I saw that Google was already catching the last version of the post, with “FINAL” in the title and that it was in the number 1… my eyes became like plates.

Imagine the high.

It was only 3 and a half hours until the end and there had been “the assault” 😉

SEO Box kept showing me the fifth because it had the 7:50 update.

The following hours passed like days, and I swear to you that as I write it I remember and I get goose bumps.

Talking with my family, with Paul Benitez, with Ruben… burning whatsapp not to think about it.

But inevitably, updating the classification to see if it fell every 5 or 10 minutes.

That I did wrong, because the nerves and pressure made a dent in body and mind.

My tension went up and my head was like a bass drum… but the last few hours passed and nothing moved.

Really, a few hours to better forget them.

In the end, when at 12:00 pm everything ended and Dean Romero officially told me that he had done the check and that I was the winner of the contest …

It was like opening some floodgates, I began to cry without stopping releasing all the pressure I had accumulated.

It was added the theme that since the previous day had produced the first “comments” on social networks about me to be second, and in the later time when it was official and logically more were produced.

My fault for not turning off my mobile and going through everything, but the truth is that I screwed up.

Everything came together and I fell apart.

With the headache and thinking about what they were saying, I was not able to enjoy the moment.

I went to celebrate eating with my family and well, let’s say I was absent, I didn’t feel well at all.

Luckily, between the signs of support and the passing of a day of sleep, on Monday I was able to enjoy it and see everything in a different way.

I had fucking done it.

We had made it.

This isn’t a football world cup or a competition like that…

But it was an SEO contest where many people participated, very good people, and I had won the prize.

All the hours of work, of moving, the help of all the people, the power to make the donation… had been worth it.

Believe me, an SEO contest is fucked up, it’s like a war.

Negative SEO attacks, participants who join, criticisms of your person…. anything goes.

Within that “anything goes”, I can say I won:

Without getting thousands of artificial links through bots or how to do that.
Without making negative SEO attacks to lower other people.
Without joining with others to share the prize, who joined me was because they wanted to and without sharing the prize.
Simply as Luis M. Villanueva would say: I played with my weapons within the rules and did something a little better than the rest 🙂

Well, this whole thing that I just released to you is for you to know the process, the history of my participation.

Now we go with the 8 steps where I enter the detail of the most technical part.

PS: if you want to learn more about SEO with the techniques of some TOP10 in the contest, you can do it in this post by Dean Romero.

1- Take maximum care of the SEO on page.
From the first moment I was clear that my first trick was to create a great content and SEO on page.

Almost all I know about SEO on page are these actions of knowing where to put the keyword:

In the title of the post (preferably at the beginning)
In the URL of the post (preferably at the beginning)
In the meta-description of the post (SEO by Yoast helped me)
In the first paragraph and in bold (also as soon as possible)
In some H2 header (if possible the first one)
In some H3 header (if possible the first one)
Inside the body of the text but without going too far (about 1%)
In the “Alt” attribute of the images (with their variants)
In a video uploaded to Youtube (working the title and description)
If you do this right, you’ve already got a lot of points.

But of course, anyone can do that by practicing a little, I had to do many more things.

2- Take advantage of the authority that already has my domain.
I also knew from the beginning that with a new domain and without authority it would be almost impossible to arrive with options at the end, so I published the article inside my blog to get all the strength and authority of it.

In the first days of the contest not so much, although that’s how it got me into the 12th and then I was falling quite a few positions.

But in 25 days it gave me time to… understand the context, to know that “that” was about SEO, about a contest and about Uwelcome2019.

Also as I said about the domain itself, I used a 301 redirection from this post about SEO for WordPress.

3- Create a good network of internal links.
Something that I think very few have taken care of, some for lack of desire and others because they still did not have a “structure” to link to.

These are the techniques or ideas that I set in motion:

Create a simple post about Uwelcome2019.
Create another support post on Google Panda, and link both to the main one.
Put a link in the top menu of the blog.
Put a link in the sidebar, with a banner.
Put a link in my Home.
Put a link in the first paragraph of my best SEO post.
This creates a well thought-out, meaningful internal network that tells Google that this content is very relevant within my blog.

This is already a matter of work and time, but even if you do not know if it contributes much or little, everything adds up.

4- Put many links to other sites without fear of “follow”.
Sometimes you’ve heard that links to other sites are better than “nofollow” to not pass them any linkjuice …

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but from my experience I can say that absolutely nothing happens because they are follow links.

But I’m not saying it for this contest, but for many contents that I have well positioned and have a lot of links.

Of course, always to sites that come to mind and add value and information to the topic of the post.

I linked to all these sites and themes:
<font color=”#ffff00″>-==- sync:ßÇÈâÈâ
Dinorank displaces you and Enlazalia connects you
Post presentation of Dean’s contest.
Uwelcome2019 Networks.
Adsensei’s SEO contest.
The SEOEvolution contest.
The SEOVeinte contest. talking about the panda bear.
Google Panda in Wikipedia.
My post about SEO for WordPress.
Blog by Rubén Alonso.
The classification of the contest from SEO Box.

5- Generate constant traffic, but not artificial, to the post.
Here weighs a lot to be a blogger, have a community behind and recurrent traffic to the blog from Google.

If you don’t have that and you have a new domain with a landing for the contest, it’s hard to get visits other than yours or the ones you get “that way”.

In this case my strategy to get traffic in the article every day was:

Change my popup. Instead of capturing subscribers out there for a few days I put the photo of my post with the legend “Do you want to see me disguised as Panda? It drew attention and showed it to almost 1,000 people a day who arrive at the blog: traffic secured to the post.
Focus a lot and make it easier for the reader to share it on social networks. I think that (the one who wanted to) felt identified with the subject of the donation and somehow became more involved, and then I explained well how he could give me a cable or even just share it.

6- Support me in my community of subscribers.
There are people who don’t like me doing this, which I still don’t understand no matter how much they explain it to me.

I don’t see that there is anything wrong with asking your subscribers for help so that, on a 100% voluntary basis, if in any way they feel that you have helped them at some point because they want to give you a cable with whatever it is that you put to them.

What happens is that it fucks when you don’t have the possibility of doing that, either because you don’t have a community, or because you do have subscribers but you don’t have that kind of “good relationship” with them.

To the point, I have asked my subscribers for help through the post itself and two mailings in this way:

First mailing to let them know the post and the contest.
Actions they could do inside the post: share it, click on the stars and comment.
Second mailing to request a link from your blog to my post.
This second mailing didn’t go too far, because the request was somewhat delicate and I knew that very few would do that.

It was a segmented mailing only to a little more than 100 people who had done some action inside the post, that is to say, who had shown an interest in giving me a hand.

Of all of them, I think that in the end they didn’t reach 15 people, that’s about 15 links.

On the other hand, having a blog, a community and a strategy allows you to have these metrics:

6.032 visits to the page.
228 star ratings.
52 shared on Facebook.
110 retweets on Twitter.
13 times on Linkedin.
22 shared on Google Plus.

7- At the end the most important thing: the linkbuilding.
I always said because it’s true, that I have never looked for linkbuilding because I dedicate myself to write the best content I can and then the links that come, welcome are but they come alone because that’s how it’s born from whoever links me.

Halfway through the contest I realized that in an SEO contest … either I was doing linkbuilding (and better than anyone) or I was not going to have a chance to win.

Go ahead that some of the techniques and strategies employed can be considered more or less “clean”, but whatever is a subjective opinion of each person and for me not cease to be each of these things “own resources” and lawful I could use. In no case have I used bots or bought domains from mansalva to create dirty links or anything like that.

More than anything because I don’t know, but I’m sure there are techniques to fake links because there were people in the TOP10 with several thousand links ? when I think it was not even 30 or so.

In everyone’s opinion what is Blackhat and what does not cross that line.

Well, let’s go with the ideas I put into practice:

I’ve already talked in the previous point about asking the most involved subscribers for a link from their blog. About 15 links.
Fellow bloggers to whom I wrote personally and wanted to wire me from their blogs. About 8 links.
Collaboration agreement with Permalink to generate reviews in several digital newspapers. About 8 links.
And nothing more, at least nothing more “searched” or promoted by me.

Then (as far as I know, there are probably some more) there were people who willingly wanted to give me a hand.

And if not, please say so here so that everyone knows. These people who did tell me of their intention to help me are:

Ruben Alonso, doing a 301 from the post with which I participated that I had at the end by third page.
Miguel Cidre, doing a 301 just like Ruben. Watch this video:
8- Extra ball: details and crazy tests.
In a sort of miscellaneous or drawer disaster, I leave you some other loose things that I did and could help.

Some details that I have taken care of very much:

Thanks on Twitter to EVERYONE who shared the post, from day one.
Respond to ALL post comments.
Update the content for the last three days, with a photo of the position and about 500 more words.
With 3 days left when I was in the TOP3, I did quite a bit of “manual CTR” involving my family and the closest environment.
Crazy tests to the desperate, or what I did at SEO on page level on the 24th in the afternoon…

Open the post I couldn’t beat, the Blog-SEO one, and study it.
I added links to the three contests I had posted.
Some variants of the keyword that hadn’t occurred to me.
I entered the table of contents at the beginning of the post, not later.
I added the links to Dean’s blog and David Ayala’s blog right at the beginning.
And my favorite (house brand pot out): I put an H1 inside the content (with a pair).
Apart from everything said, with so many things and factors is difficult to know what weighs more (I think in general linkbuilding) and if there is something in particular that made me climb the last day.

I think that’s not all, I can’t think of any more actions I did within the contest.

Conclusions about the contest and notice in the comments.
Very briefly, because the post is becoming too long:

It has been a great contest in which it has been possible to learn a lot (the one that has wanted)
A branding success for Uwelcome2019 Networks.
I’m left with the satisfaction of getting the win, my 50% of the prize and being able to donate the rest to the AECC.
The issue of criticism screwed me, but I know it’s inevitable and that’s what there is. And the insults are already…
Speaking of criticisms, I’d like you to comment on what you like, but one thing I want to say clearly.

This is not Twitter or any social network: this is my home.

If you want to say anything I don’t care if it’s for or against, but I ask you two things to approve the comment:

That it be about SEO and/or about the contest, if possible.
Don’t disrespect or insult me or anyone else.
Nothing more, always within those two questions, I am delighted to hear you 🙂

A big hug and a thousand thanks to everyone!


Toronto SEO Contest

The Toronto are one of my favorite places in Toronto. It is a small group of islands located in Lake Ontario, a short distance from Downtown, and connected to each other by several bridges.

They are an oasis of tranquillity in the face of the city’s turmoil, as virtually all of them are a park – with the exception of some leisure areas, a few houses and a small regional airport at one end. It offers the possibility of enjoying long walks along its trails, good possibilities for an afternoon picnic or even take a swim in one of its beaches. In addition, the closest beach area to the city offers some of the best views of Toronto’s urban landscape.

There are three ferry routes from the pier at the end of Yonge Street. Each leads to a different part of the islands, although the route to Centre Island is the most popular.

The round-trip ticket costs (in) $10 and service is quite frequent in the summer months and somewhat more isolated during the rest of the year. Highly recommended.

The City of Toronto
I’m not going to be the one to call Toronto an exciting city from the tourist’s point of view. However, it is a multicultural metropolis, full of life and close to a place as mythical as Niagara Falls – about an hour and a half by bus.

However, Toronto compensates for the scarcity of historic buildings or natural landscapes with a stunning multicultural landscape and lively urban life that will be the most interesting part of the city visit.

A multicultural city
Toronto is the multicultural city par excellence. The urban legend – statistics that everyone cites, but no one is able to mention their origin – indicates that more than half of its residents were not born in Canada and much of the city is made up of a conglomerate of residential neighborhoods in which different communities have been established, with their corresponding businesses, restaurants and ways of life. In a few kilometers walk we can go from the Greek neighborhood to the Portuguese, through Chinatown, Little Italy or the Korean neighborhood. Toronto is a small world in itself that offers us a wealth of culture, language and gastronomy in a single city.

Canada’s most important city
Downtown Toronto is also Canada’s most important city – both in terms of population and its role as an economic and financial centre and communications hub – although the country’s capital is neighbouring Ottawa. However, it is the capital and reference city of the Ontario region. The city is home to about three million people, more than six million if the entire metropolitan area is taken into account.

It is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, which gives the impression of a city overturned to water, even being hundreds of kilometers from the sea. Its climate is harsh, but bearable: with cold winters and surprisingly hot and humid summers. Among its main advantages are its cosmopolitan character, its lively urban and cultural life and its job opportunities, while the high cost of living and huge distances are usually two of its main cons.

Toronto’s Downtown
The city of Toronto responds quite well to the prototype of a North American city: a commercial and business centre -Downtown- of limited extension, filled with skyscrapers and large buildings of modern aesthetics and glazed facades and, around it, kilometres and kilometres of residential areas, small quiet neighbourhoods with some main avenues around which small streets of low houses are grouped -many of them single-family dwellings with their porch and garden- and a very quiet life.

Downtown Toronto The Downtown also has its small divisions and has the Yonge Street as the main artery that runs through it from north to south. In its southern part we find the Union Station and the railroad tracks that set the boundary between the center and the Waterfront area, on the shores of the lake. The business area of the city – the Financial District – is located just north of the station and has as great exponents the skyscrapers of the big banks in streets such as Bay, York, King, Queen or Yonge.

Yonge Street had for a long time the record of being the longest street in the world with more than a thousand kilometers in length, but there was no “trap” to include within this figure its extension to the north and the subsequent route of this road through the region of Ontario. It is enough for us to recognize it as the most famous street in Toronto. Yonge crosses the city from south to north and is the landmark of Downtown. It also marks the line that divides the separation between east and west in the name of the huge perpendicular streets.

In its southern part, it runs through the business area in order to become the main commercial axis of the city without interruption, to house the gigantic Eaton Centre shopping centre and to open up to the city in Dundas Square, one of the images par excellence of Toronto. It extends its route north through the gay quarter and marks the end of Downtown at its intersection with Bloor Street, in the elitist Annex area.

Multiple leisure alternatives
Downtown is also one of Toronto’s major nightlife references. West of University Avenue, where most of the administrative buildings of the city and the region of Ontario are concentrated, we find the Entertainment District – the area par excellence of theatres, concert halls and restaurants in the centre – and the main nightclubs of the city on King Street, the most elegant, and on Queen Street, where the most alternative venues and many traditional pubs share space.

This is also where the city’s two main sports venues are located: the Air Canada Centre, home to the teams of the city’s leading sports clubs.