SEO Congresses in Canada for 2019

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SEO Congresses in Canada for 2019
Without a doubt it is one of the things with which I face more emotion this year, the attendance to congresses and events of the sector for example SEO Contest Uwelcome2019. I want to put face and body to many people I usually see through the screen, and what better way than in one of these extraordinary meetings that we have for the territory.

The presentations are always of a high level, some of them will fit more or less to our interests but the truth is that you always come up with something new to apply, some trick you didn’t know, some little program… I love it.

But the best isn’t always on stage. I don’t want to detract from the speakers, their exposition is the reason why we meet so many people, but the corrillo and the comments outside the micro are undoubtedly my favorite part of this type of events.

There are many things that cannot be shared in front of a microphone, nor can you capture them in a post that remains for posterity, there are experiences that can only be transmitted in a relaxed conversation with a few beers or soft drinks in your hands (with beers you let your tongue out before, that’s proven).

But not only can you get good ideas from these events, many times you can make contacts, colleagues with whom you will keep in touch even customers, it is not unusual what I tell you.

Therefore, I encourage you to start organizing your agenda because the season of SEO events begins and I hope we can agree on one.

If you like, let’s go with the compilation of appointments for this year

Professional SEO Congress
Eight editions of this event will take place next July. Without a doubt it is a reference for the professionals who dedicate ourselves to this topic.

First I’ll give you the location data and dates and then I’ll explain a little more about the topic:

Date: 1 July 2019

Place: Hotel Nuevo Madrid, in Madrid

Price: tickets from 180€. There are special options for agencies.

Why is this event so interesting?

Mainly because it is given by professionals of the sector. People who devote most of their time to clients and suffer the day-to-day search engine, its constant changes.

As a professional colleague, I’m interested in your experiences, your tricks, your success stories… and that’s what this event is all about.

There will be 7 presentations in which each professional explains a case of success, the main challenges of each project, from the first steps to the completion of the work.

Super interesting, with speakers of international stature.

SEO on the Beach
One of the most attractive congresses and events of the year. Playita, chiringuito, cervecitas… if you add to that first class lectures, I think the mix is a cocktail that we have to try.

Date: 23rd and 24th June 2019

Place: Collados Beach La Manga (Murcia)

Price: From 230€

This event is something special, its speakers are selected by attendees throughout the year, so it’s up to us to decide the attendees … cool isn’t it?

The environment is already the milk, for a dry guy like me, the beach is always an experience that I love, if you put it together with people who share your passions, with good atmosphere and these papers … I think it is a date to consider 100%.

Home page

SEO Salad
This is one of the events I know most about. Organized by several companies in my city, including Wanatop which I have been working with for a few months now.

Date: First Saturday of October

Place: Auditorio Edificio Etopia, Zaragoza

Price: €35

Well, it’s a super intense day of SEO. In spite of the economic price, the speakers are always of the highest level and this makes the capacity and tickets are finished very fast.
If you are an SEO lover, more than 8 hours of information, training and networking await you. They are very specialized talks, with tremendous value and from which you get ideas to apply to your projects immediately.


SEO for Seos
Another recognized quote from the SEO landscape in our country. With three editions already behind it, SEO4Seos proposes 8 presentations full of recipes for our positioning kitchen.

Date: End of October

Place: Centro Coworking ULab, Alicante

Price: From 60€

Promoted by Javier Gosende, one of the veterans in the diffusion and training of our subject, it mixes the best of an event of these characteristics and having a great influence on networking. This event is perfect to get to know the best SEO of the whole Levante area, you already know that it is the region with more SEOs per square meter of our country.

A new initiative ideal for lovers of SEO and good wine.

How about a gastronomic visit to Logroño dressed with long conversations to talk about the latest update of the algorithm?

Date: May 21st and 22nd

Place: Logroño (to be determined)

Price: To be determined

As I tell you, it’s something