SEO 2019 Contest – Reaches Top 1 on Google in 30 days and bursts SERPS – Spain

SEO 2019 Contest – Reaches Top 1 on Google in 30 days and bursts SERPS – Spain

seo contest spain

SEO 2019 Contest – Reaches Top 1 on Google in 30 days and bursts SERPS

Published on 10 February, 2019 11 February, 2019  SEO Contest Uwelcome2019 – Reaches Top 1 on Google in 30 days and bursts SERPS2.9 (57.36%) 91 votes

BOOOM! SEO Contest 2019. The fastest wins . The one who knows how to rank higher above the others wins . In a discipline as competitive as SEO, becoming the Top 1 is not only a symbol of professional status and recognition, but is the equivalent of feeling Zeus entering Mount Olympus.

Today we’re fighting on Google, the healthiest way to fight.

Hey what’s up reader! Today is a special day: officially kicks off the Blogger3.0 SEO 2019 contest.

There’s a cash prize and also gifts, but I’ll tell you more about that below.

In this Sunday’s podcast I will tell you the contest rules (which you can also read below) and after the rules, just below them, you can see the prizes we have prepared for the winner.

Hit the play! In this episode in addition to the SEO contest, let’s talk about a few more things you and I  ➔

Article index

  • 1 Rules for participating
  • 2 Prize for the winner
    • 2.1 Awards for Google’s Top 2 and Top 3:

Resources mentioned:

  1. SEO Contest (beta) Blogger3cero 2016 – Adsensei
  2. Official SEO Contest Blogger3cero 2017 – Raiola Manda y No el Panda
  3. Why there was no SEO contest in 2018 – Podcast “the rarest year of my life”
  4. Post where I teach you to assemble niches with a business approach – previous post in B30
  5. Post that gives access to videos to build niches for people without resources – waiting list
  6. Enlazalia
  7. Unancor
  8. Prensarank
  9. Linkapress
  10. Publisuites
  11. SEOBOX

Rules for participating

Anyone who wants to play must abide by the following rules:

The keyword to position

It’s next: DinoRANK displaces you and Enlazalia links you . As it is written here. Our idea is that using our two platforms you upload to Google, you are “moved” up in the results

Requirements to participate

To participate is free but, you have to be subscribed (and if you are not, subscribe now) to Enlazalia , which does not force you to buy anything, logically, only to register on the platform from here.

In the same way you must subscribe to Blogger3cero again, that is, it doesn’t matter if you are already subscribed, everyone who wants to participate must go through this landing again and subscribe (so I can tag you as a participant).

Exclusion for lack of registration

If you reach the Top 1 when the contest ends, we will not award you a winner if we find that you are not simultaneously subscribed to both Enlazalia and Blogger3cero again, as specified above.

Own domain

You must participate with a domain you own. Don’t do weird things to me! Domains like blogspot and things like that are not allowed. Both old and newly created domains can participate.


The contest lasts 30 days. It officially ends on Sunday 10 March at 11 a.m. Madrid time (Spain).

Checking the rankings

The final verification of the winner will be made from computer, with Google Chrome browser in incognito mode, from Coslada Madrid at 11:00 on March 10 and

Should I participate if I’m not SEO?

Yes! Note that last year a contestant who was not SEO won…  This is a good way to learn and have a good time. In addition, I will analyze the strategies of the players on the blog myself when the time comes.

Completed legal bases and data protection drafted by my lawyer Raúl Florido here.

Wild 50% discount for your SEO contest domains

Attention! Don Dominio is one of Blogger3cero’s friends and he will provide all of you who want aggressive discounts for your domains (and no! I’m not an affiliate).

I recommend you to use both its comparator (the best available to check availability of EMDs today) and its discounts to buy the domains you need for the SEO contest.

The super discount consists of the following: Use the coupon CONCURSEOB30 to register up to 5 domains .COM, .NET or .ORG (one per purchase process) with a 50% discount ➔ Hire through this link.

Prize for the winner

1,500 euros in cash by Enlazalia + 500 euros in links + 6 months free DinoRANK (in total more than 2,000 euros in prizes and SEO products).

A good way to start the year with an extra, both in money and links to start your projects and also with our custom software.

And apart from the prizes, future winner of the SEO contest… now I’m talking to you:  I want to know you .

I’d love to have the option of working with you. We recruit talent

Now I do…

See you at the SERPs.

You can track through this real-time graph of my friends SEOBOX, although to all intents and purposes the winner will be measured through manual verification from Coslada (Madrid) as it has been established in the rules

Call for companies of the sector ➔ it is foreseeable that this post is going to have enough visibility. If you want to be part of this SEO contest you can give away prizes (software, templates, services, anything as long as there is no conflict of interest with the sponsors) for the position number 2 and number 3 in the SERPs of Google.

Awards for Google’s Top 2 and Top 3:

For Top 2

  • One SEOBOX and 6 months free subscription to all its associated tools

For Top 3

  • A license of Adsensei Theme my template created from 0 that I use myself for my niches
  • Any finalist of the Top 3 will have the option (if so desired) to do 1 month internship in a real SEO agency

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